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Top 10 Places to Cry During Finals

  1. Most obvious, the privacy of your room
  2. Your own bathroom   
  3. If you live in a freshman dorm, a shower stall
  4. Any stall on campus in a bathroom that is not frequently used. Try out the first floor bathroom near academic advising. 
  5. If you’re in the library and need a quick cry, odds are all of the private study rooms are reserved or taken. Try the staircase alcove or one of the classrooms in the library that are rarely used.
  6. It’s not quite private, but it might be worth it: try shedding a few tears in your professor’s office for some sympathy points.
  7. A classroom in the Unistructure after class time is over. Get to the Uni, find an empty classroom, set up your laptop and books for a study session, but cry in private first.
  8. The interfaith center? This seems like a prime spot on campus that is often overlooked. It’s almost never crowded and seems like a comforting place to receive some guidance. 
  9. Third floor of the fisher center. This spot is often empty, and the bathroom is almost never used up there. 
  10. The shoulder of your trusty roomie or best friend. This is arguably the best option for maximum support and hugs.
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