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Tips for Staying Safe This Spring Break

Whether you’re going to crazy in Mexico or keep it calm Florida, keep a few tips in mind this week to stay safe and still have fun.


1. Implement the buddy system

This cannot be stressed enough. Whether you’re at a five star resort or not, anything can happen, especially when alcohol is involved. Always go to the bar with a buddy, back to your room, to the bathroom, and wherever else you are going. It may sound elementary, but it is incredibly important to never travel alone.


2. Wear your sunscreen

Of course, we all want that ~spring break glow~, but remember this is the only skin you’ll ever have! Even if you just do a 30 SPF, you’ll still protect and be able to get a gradual tan.


3. Drink a lot (and not just alcohol)

Between the heat and never ending drinks of spring break, it is easy to forget to hydrate, but even more important than you realize. Try to balance every alcoholic drink with at least one water to make sure you stay hydrated and avoid heat stroke and dehydration.


4. Speaking of drinks, be cautious

Drinks are different everywhere they’re made, so take extra caution when drinking at unknown bars and clubs when on vacation, especially if there is a language barrier. Be careful to watch the bartender make the drinks so you know what goes into it, and also be sure to never put your drink down or out of your sight.


5. Watch your belongings at the pool or beach

Of course you’re going to want to take a dip in the pool or ocean, so definitely be sure to hide your valuables and keep an eye on your chairs while away from them. Even better, make friends with people sitting next to you so that you can trust to keep an eye out when you’re away from your seats.


6. Careful when finding transportation

Whether it be walking, taxis, public transportation, or Ubers, traveling in unknown places can not only be scary but confusing. Be sure to plan ahead so you’re not stuck waiting, and know where you’re going, and at what times would work best.


7. Pay attention in airports

The airport can be very stressful especially when traveling without parents, so it is imperative to be aware and on top of it. Be sure to have your license, boarding passes and passport ready and on hand. If you have a layover, know where your next terminal is and make sure you’re there earlier rather than later. Never leave your bags unattended, and as you’ll hear a million times while there, if you see something you question or feel uneasy about, say something. It is better to be overly cautious than not cautious enough.


HC Bryant wishes you a happy and safe spring break! Be sure to use the hashtag #HCBryantSpringBreak in your photos for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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