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The semester is almost over, finals are almost here, and students are mentally exhausted. We get it at Her Campus, this year has been a lot, and everyone is excited to be done with classes. The good news is you are almost done with the semester! We believe in you to finish strong and to be successful!

Here are some of our favorite tips to stay focused for finals:
  • Find time to study! Put down your phone and make sure you are taking a couple hours each day to put in quality work.
  • Meet with your professors! If you have any questions about grades, projects, finals, or any assignments, now is the time to ask them.
  • Eat a balanced meal! Your body needs fuel to get you through these sometimes exhausting days. Make sure you are adding protein into your diet to keep you full longer!
  • Go outside and just go for a walk. The weather is getting nicer and although you have to focus on schoolwork, you have to also make sure you are taking time for yourself. Walking outside can be a great way to clear your mind and get some fresh air!
  • Go to the gym! Working out is great for endorphins and can help with your mental health.
  • Ok girl, go get yourself a coffee or tea! It’s the end of the semester, and sometimes you just need that iced coffee or tea to get you through the day.
  • Go to the library or find a study place that works for you. Studying in your dorm room can be distracting sometimes, so find a place that works for you and grind for a couple hours.
  • Make sure you are eating healthy snacks if you are not eating for a couple hours. Honor those hunger cues by choosing something like cheese, grapes, apples, veggies, nuts, or popcorn.
  • If you feel mentally exhausted, talk to someone! Whether that is a parent, a friend, or someone at counseling services, it can help talking it out.
  • Make study guides ahead of finals week, and you will feel so much more prepared.
  • Find a playlist that is not too distracting to listen to while you study or do assignments.
  • Sit outside and do homework to give yourself that in-between break. This allows you to not only study, but to enjoy being outside.
  • Take an hour and go for one random adventure, whether that is trying out a new coffee place or finding a new place to walk.
  • Get some sleep! Make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep, right now it must feel like you are not but at least trying. Take a nap if you need to, for a refresh.



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