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Thoughts We All Have While Watching AHS

Disclaimer: This article, like American Horror Story, is intended for mature audiences. Spoilers ahead.

Now that American Horror Story Hotel is a good three episodes into the season, us AHS fans can’t help but share our thoughts.


Nothing makes us more excited on Wednesday nights than when we see this.

And nothing is quite as scary as what Max Greenfield experienced…

Lady Gaga was a fabulous addition to the already incredible cast.

Let’s face it, we agree in her choice in men.

Especially Matt Bomer…

And her fashion sense is spot on… for a hundred-year-old immortal countess…

She even makes her funky outfits look bad-ass.

But maybe we don’t exactly agree with her sexual “appetite.”

With scenes like that, we wonder how we haven’t gone crazy out of fear.

Or how will we be able to sleep when all the beautiful people covered in blood are going to haunt or dreams!

We know checking into a hotel will NEVER be the same.

But at the end of every episode, we are begging for more! Next Wednesday will not come soon enough.

Enjoy tonight’s episode! 

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