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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

1. Hot Cocoa

Nothing is better than enjoying a nice hot cup of cocoa after a day spent shoveling in the cold snow.

2. The first real snowfall 

Everything is so quiet and peaceful after the first snowfall. The landscape is stunning, and the sound of the snow crunching beneath your feet is pure delight.


3. Holidays

From holiday cheer to the stellar decorations, the Holidays make you feel warm and fuzzy. And even if you do not celebrate a holiday, we can all look forward to a well-deserved vacation.


4. Food

What would winter be without stuffing your face with yummy comfort food?


5. Fireplace

Sitting near a fireplace and simply relaxing is a beautiful thing.


6. Playing in the snow

Snow angels, snow forts, snowball fights, and sledding galore!


7. Friends and Family

Even though your friends and family can sometimes get on your nerves, it is nice to see everyone to catch up on life and be surrounded by love.


8. Staying in

Staying in, being lazy, watching Holiday movies, resting, and cuddling are the best perks of winter weather.


9. Layers

Time to break out the cute scarves, hats, mittens, and oversized comfy sweaters!


10. Winter sports

Whether it be hitting the slopes to go skiing and snowboarding, or gathering a group of friends to go ice skating or play hockey, winter sports are always a thrill.


11. Snow days

The greatest feeling in the world is waking up and seeing that you have the day off from school or work.