Things That Happen When You Have a Greek Name

Greek names are known for being long, hard to pronounce, or, if you’re really lucky, both! Here are 15 things that may happen if you have a Greek name.


1. People try to guess your nationality

When people fist see your unique name, they try to guess what your nationality is.


2. People butcher your name

Sometimes your name is intimidating, but you have probably heard some interesting interpretations.


3. People need to practice how to say it for award ceremonies/graduation

You have been pulled aside at some point so others could get clarification on how to say your name correctly…..and then they still get it wrong.


4. No matter how many times you try to correct someone, they still mess your name up so you just give up

Sometimes you have to pick your battles.


5. People ask “How long did it take you to learn how to spell it?!”

We are still competent human beings.


6. Not enough bubbles on standardized testing

If you’re lucky, there is JUST enough.


7. People say “You’re Greek?! I LOVE baklava.”

Good for you. But have you tried loukoumades or galaktoboureko?!


8. Your name becomes the challenge that everybody in school practices

You gotta make friends somehow, right?


9. You cringe when there’s a substitute teacher and they’re about to go through the attendance

Bless your soul, substitute teacher.


10. You get very excited when someone says your name right (but they’re probably Greek)

It is a miracle when someone finally gets your name right! Even if they are most likely Greek.


11. People think you’re related to every Greek person in the world

“Do you know this person I met 17 years ago in Ohio one time?” Uhm…No!


12. People assume you speak Greek

Though it’s a good assumption, not everybody with a Greek name speaks Greek. Well, at least not the non-swear words…


13. People tell you how funny “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was

And no, we don’t put Windex on our zits.


14. People ask if our parents hated us

It’s called culture, people!


15. People say, “Your hand must get tired!”