A Thank You Letter to My Sisters

My future maids of honor, the two people in my life who I know I can call know no matter how sticky a situation is. The two people who will accept me at my worst and cheer for me during my best. The biggest supporters of my stupidest decisions, and the two people who will fight any boy who breaks my heart. My life long, look alike friends. My sisters.

Being the middle child of two sisters is quite an experience… You nonstop fight over who can use the mirror first, who took your clothes, and just about anything else there is to fight about. But no matter how many times you say “I hate you” it really means “I love you, too.” If there is one thing I learned while growing up with two sisters, it’s that no matter what happens, they are your best friends. Having an older and little sister has taught me many things through the years.

To my big sister, my rock, my inspiration, my FIRST friend. Sorry for stealing your stage when I was brought into the world- although I am fully aware the first born will always be the favorite. Thank you for teaching me how to let loose and have fun. Thank you always letting me wear your clothes. Thank you for driving me around whenever I needed a ride. And thank you for being you. Thank you for being the best big sister I could ask for. Thank you for being the best possible role model that I very much need during this period of my life.

To my little sister, never lose your sense of innocence. To me, your big sis, I am always going to see you as my 4 year old sister who could barely pronounce my name. I know while I’m at college you’re wearing the clothes I left home… Wear them, don’t ruin them. Thank you for obeying by your big sisters' rules even though we were mean to you. Thank you for looking up to me and inspiring me. And thank you for reminding me of myself at your age. Everything I do, I do so that you have a role model to look up to. I hope I am not failing you.

You can have an endless amount of “best friends”, but no one can replace your life long, look alike best friends. Your sisters.