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A Thank You Letter to Bralettes

Once upon a time, after a long day of class and studying, the college girl could not wait to get home and take off her bra – just another thing future generations will never understand, thanks to the bralette.

Here are a few justifications for our guilty pleasure:

  1. They have become a staple in our wardrobes.
  2.  They add a touch of personal style.
  3. They can add a pop of color to our clothes!
  4. We can dress them up or down. Racerback bralettes can we worn with a cute dress, to class, or under workout gear!
  5. They make our boobs look sexy but feel free.
  6. They make our outfits day-to-night ready. Having a social life in college is just as important as getting good grades. We can wear bralettes to a three hour night class and be comfortable, and then hit up the bar with friends after and still look cute.
  7. NO UNDERWIRE. No more lines from underwire digging into our sides all day long!
  8. It’s like comfortable lingerie.
  9. They are perfect for any bra size – We are always sharing clothes in college, and our friends don’t always have the same bra size, but sisterhood of the traveling bralette saves the day. Everyone in our suite, from A- D cup can borrow a bralette to finish off their outfit throughout the week!
  10. We found a chic way to expose our bra. Cute bras are expensive and they deserve to be shown off… In a tasteful way of course.
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