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Sweat it Out Sunday: Gym Chic

Everyone knows the saying “if you look good, you’ll feel good!” We go to the gym, because we want to look and feel good, right? Her Campus girls always hit the gym in style, and you can too! Check out this week’s latest trends!

Her Campus loves Nike Free 5.0+. Although they’re available in a multitude of colors, the sleek black color shows everyone at the gym that you mean business. It also doesn’t hurt that black matches everything! Stop by your local sporting goods store and pick up your own pair!

Victoria’s Secret has a sale going on right now! This week’s outfit features a neon pink, seamless sports bra that’s on sale for a whopping $14.99! This sports bra is lightweight, and has just enough color to brighten up your wardrobe!

It’s no secret that Old Navy sells inexpensive workout staples! This week’s outfit features not only one, but two articles of clothing from the store we all know and love. Jet black compression pants are comfortable and slimming. The sleeveless shirt with pink lettering matches perfectly with the sports bra; not to mention, the quote on the front of the shirt will make you feel good about getting fit! Check out your nearest Old Navy, or hit up the online store, today!

Her Campus girls understand the importance of staying in shape! Make this the week that you commit to getting fit! 

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