Surviving the Snow


If you live in New England, you know how to prepare for a snowstorm.  However, there are many who don’t know what to do when they see a snowflake.  Whether you’ve come to New England for the skiing season, or live here year round, here are some tips to surviving the winter snowfall.


1. Warmth is Key

Layers. Layers. Layers.  Our winters without snow get pretty cold, but when there is snow on the ground…BRRRRRR.  During the daytime the temperature is bearable; that is, without the wind blowing in your face, but the temperature always drops during the nighttime.  To prepare for such coldness, you need to bundle up as much as possible.  This means wearing long-johns, sweatshirt, heavy coat, boots, hat, gloves, whatever is necessary to keep your body warm and happy. Worried about looking silly with all the layers? Don’t be, you’ll fit right in as a local.

2. Winter Tires are your best friends

 I can’t imagine going through winter without winter tires.  They are especially necessary for those of you that go to the mountain to ski.  When our roads get covered in a snowy layer, the mountains are always snowier, more slippery, and easier for an accident to happen.  Winter tires keep you safe from point A to point B.  For those that are like, "what’s the difference between winter and regular (summer) tires?" Well, winter tires have thicker tread so when your car hits a slippery spot on the road, there will be no swirling out of control.  Winter tires also don’t harden in the cold temperatures, again preventing you from slipping all over the road. 

3. Get a head start with outdoor chores

These chores consist of shoveling the driveway, uncovering your car, and defrosting your car.  Don’t go outside in the middle of a storm to shovel the driveway, but when the snowfall gets light, get a head start on shoveling.  You don’t want to wait until the end of the day to shovel because the amount of snow will be almost impossible to move.

4. Stock up on food

When the local news station announces a snowstorm warning, beat the crowds and stock up on food and water.  Florida prepares for hurricanes by stocking up on supplies to get them through the rough patch of not being able to leave their home -- we prepare the same way, but for snowstorms.

5. Warm beverages

Dunkin' Donuts' sales must skyrocket come winter time.  Whether it’s coffee or hot coco, your body will thank you for the extra warmth. 

6. Make the best of it

Though it’s the coldest time of year, for some places like Vermont or New Hampshire, it’s also the busiest time of year. Tourism is thriving, and the mountains are packed with people.  If skiing or snowboarding isn’t for you, there is also sledding, ice skating, watching the local hockey game, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and other endless opportunities!  Before you know it, the snow will melt and spring will blossom, so grab your boots and a sled, and enjoy the winter wonderland while it lasts!