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Super Bowl Sunday, as told by Someone Who Doesn’t Watch Football

Many people think that Super Bowl Sunday is the best day of the year. While others, who don’t watch football, don’t understand football, or don’t have a preference of the teams think of it as just a day to go to a party. It can be confusing to watch the game if you don’t know the rules or overwhelming when there are super fans in the room. Only a person who doesn’t care about football goes through this experience.

Eating so much until your stomach hurts

Chips, dips, wings, pizza, and everything in between. You don’t care about focusing on the game so you put all of your focus into eating snacks. You purposely wore loose fitting pants and a flowy shirt because you knew you would camp out at the food table.

Wearing an everyday shirt

While many people are decked out in their favorite team’s apparel, you wear your normal clothes because you don’t own anything football related.

Asking constant questions

If you do actually pay attention to the game, you probably are asking questions about the rules to everyone in the room. The hardcore football fans are shocked that you are asking “silly” questions but at least you are making an effort to acknowledge the sport.

Yelling when everyone else does

If you really don’t know what is going on in the game, you yell “yes!!!” or “no!!” just so you can fit in with the crowd. You just have to play eenie meenie miney mo to pick what team to root for.

Enjoying the half-time show more than the game

You have a blast dancing and singing along to the half-time show that for just a moment you forget how bored you were.

Leaving the same way as you came

When you leave the party, you aren’t happy that a team won or sad that a team lost because you never had a preference anyway. 

To those that love football: enjoy the game!

To those that don’t care: Happy Sunday!

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