Summertime Sadness: 11 Reasons Why We Miss The Warm Weather

In recent weeks, our country seems to have come down with a cold. Subzero temperatures and snowfalls have given the girls at Her Campus Bryant a serious longing for warm weather. Below are the main reasons why we want the snow to melt quickly and the summer to hurry up!

  1. All of the best fruits are in season. (Fruit salad is our favorite healthy snack!)

  2. The only outdoor accessory needed is sunglasses.

  3. Everyone looks fabulous with a healthy, bronzed glow.

  4. Waking up every morning with the sun already shining makes getting out of bed much easier.

  5. Flip flops take up less room than boots. Then again, so do bathing suits.

  6. You won’t turn into a snow-woman when the windows are rolled down.

  7. Frozen yogurt is always a good idea in 80 degree weather.

  8. Messy buns are perfectly acceptable at the beach.

  9. Walking to a party or a bar is much more enjoyable.

  10. No classes, homework or group projects!

  11. Outdoor concerts, need we say more?