Stay CONNECT-ed with McGraw-Hill

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No matter what college or university you go to, you have probably used McGraw-Hill’s programs at least once or have heard of them, (Connect, ReadAnywhere, Studywise...sound familiar?). But, do you REALLY know all that they offer?

Purchasing McGraw-Hill’s programs is not a usual textbook-like purchase. They are not textbooks that you will never open. They are not a waste of money and are not something that you will never use. McGraw-Hill is the one learning tool for college students that can really make homework, assignments, and studying more adaptable to your preferences.

Their mission is to “Unlock the Potential of Every Learner”, and make every student be the best they can be, while challenging them – ultimately making them strive for greatness.

Their Connect program specifically makes learning FUN. Also, what can be more convenient than being able to complete assignments and study on your phone or computer? Everything is easily navigable and accessible!

Connect contains an online textbook, practice quizzes, personal customized assessments and assignments, and the list goes on! The personal data it reports back to you can let you know RIGHT where you are and RIGHT where you need to be on the material you are studying.

Connect makes our study time worthwhile! We don’t have a lot of time to sit around and waste time…Connect fixes this problem.

Connect even provides you with a personal learning assistant that will let you know when you should read more, or when you should begin practicing!


McGraw-Hill’s Connect is a no-brainer if you ask us.

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