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The Stages of Taking a Final

1.      Telling yourself that you’re going to study a week in advance this time

2.      Then actually cramming the night before

3.   You wake up the morning of the exam really early so you can look over your notes… But in reality you keep snoozing your alarm

4.You give yourself a morning pep talk:  it’s just a little test…. That’ only 40% of your grade… 

5.  In the classroom everyone is furiously flipping through their notes

6. But you just pull out five different colored pens and your calculator.  It’s good to be prepared.

7.  The teacher passes out the exams and you don’t know one answer on the first page.  Rough start….

8. At first you laugh because you actually know nothing, then you really start tearing up, and every formula you memorized is suddenly forgotten

9.    And you can’t remember any of the information you were up until 5 am studying

10.  Panic sets in that if you fail this exam your gpa will plummet, then you won’t get a job and you’ll be living in your parents basement forever

11. The stress is too much so you just start haphazardly circling random answers

12. And looking around the room to see if everyone else is doing the same thing

13. Once a few people have handed in their exams you decide it’s an appropriate time to hand yours in too

14. You walk out of the exam after two hours with sweaty hands feeling defeated

15.  But you still have four more exams, so you don’t worry because the next few have to go better than this one

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