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The Stages of Packing for Winter Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Excitement is in the air: classes are coming to a close, the holidays are just weeks away, and showering at home without flip flops is calling our names. Getting from point A to point B is the issue. It feels like we have just settled ourselves in, and now it is time to pack up just the right amount of things to bring home for the month long winter break.

Phase 1: The Planning PhaseThere is about two weeks until it is time to pack up. You have made lists of what you need to bring home and plan on getting started soon… Everything seems like it’s going to go quite smoothly.

Phase 2: Procrastination StagePacking has quickly become the last thing on your mind. Finals are here, you need to shop for Christmas gifts AND there are too many end of the semester parties that you just can’t bear to miss. That packing you told yourself you were going to get done early is just not happening.

Phase 3: The Overwhelmed StageOMG!!! The time to leave for home has snuck up on us so fast we don’t even know what to do. We begin throwing just about everything in our room in random bags and take about six trips to load our car. The stress of this packing stuff is REAL.

Phase 4: ANGEROf course even though you packed everything EXCEPT that one shirt you never thought you would need, you get home and that is the only shirt you end up needing… Packing s*cks!