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The Stages of Binge Watching “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

One of our favorite, binge-worthy shows has returned! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back and better than ever! We are so so excited to watch every single episode (maybe a little too excited)! So we decided to go through the inevitable stages of binge-watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

When you first hear Kimmy Schmidt is coming back

You call up all your friends to let them know its back

And you plan on watching it together, but one of your “friends” starts without you

Realizing you can’t watch it all in one day because you have classes and other responsibilities

When your friends say it’s a stupid show…

When you see Twitter fights about people spoiling

When your suitemate is three episodes ahead of you already

When the first episode is over but the next one plays automatically

When you have to act busy when your friends ask why you’re staying in on a Friday night

When Kimmy says something stupid that makes you think of everything differently

When you think one of Kimmy’s comebacks is funny and you’re not sure if that makes you hip or not

Debating whether or not it is worth the walk over to the dining hall for dinner

When you take a short break from watching to have some fun with real people

Realizing you probably shouldn’t go out until after you are finished with this season

Looking at the time and seeing that it is already 4AM

When you have to lie about what episode you’re on so you don’t seem so sad and/or pathetic

Having your family and friends gather together to have an intervention for you before you even hit episode six…

Taking a break to go outside

Getting to the last episode…

You start empowering your suitemates… by quoting Kimmy

When you have to back to your daily life and you actually do not know how to function

But you’re friends keep asking where you’ve been for the past few days.