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St. Jude Up ’til Dawn

This November students at Bryant University will come together to stay up for good! The students will be forming teams of six and collectively raising $600 in order to attend the celebration on November 7th at midnight, filled with food, friends, and fun. 

As some of you may or may not know, St. Jude’s research hospital operates soley on donations, It costs $2 million per day to operate the hospital. St. Jude covers all costs ranging from medical treament to hotel accomodations for patients’ families. The hospital firmly believes in freeing these people from other stresses so that they can focus on the health of their children, and it shows. St, Jude has redefined the childhood cancer survival rate. When the hospital opened for business in 1962, the rate of childhood cancer survival was a whopping 20%. Today, the survival rates  has skyrocketed to 80%!! The hospital follows up with patients ten years after being released from the hospital. To top it off, St. Jude willingly shares research findings with scientists and doctors across the world, to promote overall awareness and survival! 

This year Her Campus Bryant will not only be hosting a photo-booth as a side event a the celebration, but our executive board, along with our general members will be present at the event as a team!! We highly encouage everyone to get involved in some way whether it be donating money to a friend on a team, joining a team, or registering as an indivudial  fundraiser!! You can’t go wrong when you stay up for good!! 

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