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Spring Weekend Survival Guide

Spring Weekend is coming up this month (yay!) and Her Campus cannot wait to hang out with friends outside and dance the night away at the T-Pain concert! If this is your first Spring Weekend at Bryant, have no fear! Follow this survival guide to make sure you have the best – and an incident free – Spring Weekend!

Slow and steady wins the race! With day drinking and parties all weekend you don’t want to have to miss out because you’re too tired or too drunk. Alternate a drink with water to keep yourself hydrated, and limit the number of drinks you have each hour.

Go to the events put on by the clubs and orgs. There are always so many fun side events going on throughout the day. Be sure to check out WJMF Springstock featuring Moosh & Twist, food, and inflatables; Bryant’s Best pizza party put on by GAMMA; and all weekend activities sponsored by SPB.

Transfer your drinks into a non-alcoholic container. When drinking around campus, especially during the day, watch out for DPS because they love making students pour out their drinks…

Bring lawn games and be prepared to claim your spot on the lawns early. Blankets and chairs are essential too so you can sit and relax with all your friends!

Buy your alcohol before Thursday. DPS will be checking cars for alcohol because of Spring Weekend so don’t waste your money getting it taken away from you because you were unprepared.

Don’t carry around a lot of stuff – bring the essentials only, such as your keys and ID. Leave your phone behind if you can to keep it from getting broken.

Don’t act belligerent – pull yourself together! Not only will you make a fool out of yourself, but you will get unwanted attention from DPS and can even get kicked out of Salmo if you’re too drunk.

Get to Salmo early because it will become a crowded mess. And don’t forget to eat regularly all weekend because alcohol will affect you more if you have an empty stomach.

Don’t be rude at the concert; aka, don’t shove people or push up against them. We all need room to drop it low so be courteous and everyone will have fun!

Go to the townhouses with friends and stay with them! You may think you’re fine, but there will be other intoxicated people you need to worry about. Don’t make yourself a target and stay with a friend.

Spring Weekend is definitely the highlight of the second semester so stay safe and have fun!

Photo Credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/04/syracuse-students-protest-partying_n_5760234.html

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