Spring Weekend Outfit DON'TS

As Spring Weekend is finally here (wait, that came way too fast) it’s really hard for us collegiettes to pick out the absolute perfect outfit.  It’s hard!  Guys just don’t get why we take so long but we know very well perfection and St. Time are not friends.  Picking out the perfect outfit is obviously a must since this is the one weekend where taking an obnoxious amount of pictures is actually not obnoxious at all.  However, speaking from personal experience, it’s equally important to not pick out a stupid outfit.  We’re being blunt, we know, but trust us…these pictures stay with you forever and you want them to stay in fashion for years to come. 

Here we go Bryant collegiettes…what not to wear this weekend.

Exhibit 1: Bum cheeks all over the place

Yes, these shorts are possibly to die for but the bum hanging out on the bottom isn’t so hot.  Plus it’s not even THAT warm out. Please promise us you’ll keep your cheeks hidden?


Exhibit 2: Bikini

We know you’ve been working on your fitness and you have a beautiful body but save the bikini for this summer’s vacation…not the FSC lawn.


Exhibit 3: The No-Shirt Crop Top

Is there even a crop top here?!  Please respect yourself and put together a cute crop top with high waisted shots….not something which screams “body shots off my stomach later”


Exhibit 4: UGGhhhhhh please don’t

UGGS just don’t go with shorts here in America…plus you aren’t Britney Spears…don’t forget your bra too…please?


Exhibit 5: Keep it together

Keep drinking water so you don’t end up like this.