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Spring Weekend Do’s and Don’ts

Spring Weekend is the best weekend of the entire year! Us here at Her Campus have crafted a perfect list of Do’s and Don’ts for the weekend so you can make it a memorable one.


1. Mix in a Water

It’s going to be hot out and no one wants to get dehydrated this weekend.


2. Make a Playlist

Make a playlist for getting ready for the baseball game, the concert or even one of the darty’s. If you don’t know what songs to put on your playlist. We got you covered.



3. Bring Snacks With You

Honestly bringing snacks with you is a game changer and wherever you go people will probably think it’s cool! We suggest using a snackiez, you can have your snack in the top compartment and you drink in the bottom, it’s genius!



1. Miss the Concert

We all know people who have taken a post darty nap and ended up missing the concert. We 10/10 recommend going to the concert this year, Ludacris!


2. Get Burnt

Wear sunblock please. It will not be a fun weekend if you are sunburnt.


3. Walk into Random People’s Suites or Townhouses

This is just rude. Don’t do it!

Have fun and be safe, Bulldogs!

Junior at Bryant with a major in marketing and minor in communications.
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