Spring Cleaning: Closet Edition

The beautiful warm weather coming up means jackets and boots can be stored away for a while to make room for floral dresses and colorful shirts. We do not want to waste any room in our tiny closets so, even though we all dread it, spring cleaning is necessary. Here are ten tips to purge your closet to free up space for when we do some serious retail therapy.

1.       Set aside your favorite clothes. Pick out the pieces that you absolutely love and make you feel great.

2.       Get rid of things that do not fit. We all have those jeans that we want to fit back into or that shirt that is too big but you're hoping the dryer will shrink it enough so you can wear it, but let's face it, that will never happen. Clothes that don't fit well are so not what dreams are made of.

3.       If you have not worn it in a year, get rid of it. There is no point in keeping clothes so they can collect dust.

4.       Are you missing a button? Is the zipper broken? Get rid of it. The time and frustration of trying to sew on a button is time that can be spent watching Netflix, so think about it, are you really going to fix damaged clothes? No.

5.       Think about if you were in a store today; would you repurchase the item? If the answer is no, then you know it should go.

6.       Have a clothing exchange party! If all of your friends clean out their closets, spend a night exchanging each other’s old clothes.

7.       If your friends are not as motivated to spring clean as you are, sell your clothes online. Check out how to sell your clothes here.

8.       No luck with the clothing exchange party or selling your clothes? Donate your clothes to those in need!

9.       Once you decide what clothes to keep, put them back into your closet with the hangers on the wrong side of the rod, then put the hanger back correctly once you wear the item. After a month you will be able to tell what clothes you don’t wear.

10.   One in, one out. Every time you buy a piece of clothing, get rid of something already in your closet so you will not run out of space.

Good luck collegiettes!