Spring Break Travel Essentials

Okay, so it's almost spring break, everyone is getting ready to travel either somewhere new or back home to friends or family.

We get it, it's hard to remember to pack everything that you will need for your travels. Sometimes we tend to forget to pack little things, which can add unneeded stress to the trip. 

Along with this, whether you are traveling by plane, train, or car, the truth is travel food is not always the best or the healthiest. At Her Campus, we developed a list of packing essentials that will make your trip that much easier!

Here are the essentials:  
  1. 1. Hydrate

    Two Friends With Water Bottles

    Bring a water bottle that you can fill up once you get to the airport! If you’d rather buy one, then just remember it will be on the pricey side at airports, but it's important to keep hydrated during your travels.

  2. 2. Snacks


    Travel food, regardless of your means of transportation, is not always the tastiest or healthiest. Bring your own snacks to keep yourself fueled for the trip! We love: 

    PopCorners Sea Salt Chips- these are great for minimal ingredients! Skinny Popcorn Apples Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Organic Chickpea Puffs Protein Bars

  3. 3. Blanket

    The Lalacozy Bed Floral Blanket

    It gets cold on those airplanes! Bring a travel-size blanket from home to keep yourself warm.

  4. 4. Gum

    Anna Schultz-Girl Blowing Bubble In Arcade
  5. 5. Hand Sanitizer and Hand Wipes

    water in hands
  6. 6. Airpods, Headphones, etc.

    black headphones on a yellow background
  7. 7. Tissues

    black and white nightstand with lamp, tissues, mug, and charger
  8. 8. Vitamin C (Airborne)

  9. 11. Chapstick

    The Lalaputting On Lip Balm
  10. 12. Hand Cream

  11. 14. Homework

    girl stressed at computer

    It's always good to stay ahead of the game!

With these essentials, you are sure to have a fantastic travel experience!



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