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We’re sick of winter! After months of cold weather, our skin is dry, red, and flaky. And now it’s finally time for spring break! But when you’re packing for fun in the sun, be aware that your winter skincare essentials won’t cut it in hot, humid weather. So make the most out of your trip and avoid looking greasy or sunburned in your insta pics.

1. Cleanser- Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser $19.50

This lathering cleanser will quickly remove any makeup (or sweat) without over-drying your skin. It’s also paraben and fragrance free, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

2. Moisturizer- Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream $6.99

This light gel cream will leave your skin feeling refreshed without leaving a heavy residue or grease. The oil free formula will quickly melt into your skin providing lasting hydration and a clean fresh scent.

3. Sunscreen/After Care- Neutragena Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 $10


Sunscreen is an absolute must when you’re going to be outside. You should pick a lightweight formula that won’t sit on your skin and clog your pores. This oil free sunscreen is fast-absoarbing and water resisting. It also leaves a matte finish so you don’t have to worry about bounce back in flash photographs.

 Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion $6





After sun care is just as important as sunscreen. This lotion protects and extends the life of your tan. It also has vitamin E and aloe to reduce the look and feel of sunburn. Don’t let a nasty burn keep you indoors when you could be at the beach.

4. Tinted BB Cream- Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 $40

If you want a little coverage reach for a BB cream instead of a heavy foundation. This BB cream moisturizes, protects, and controls oil to keep your skin flawless and glowing without getting shiny. The product can also be layered to achieve multiple levels of coverage.

5. Set Your Makeup- L’Oreal Infallible® Pro-Spray $17

A setting spray is a total must in hot, humid weather. Put in on directly after you apply your makeup and your makeup will look fresh for the rest of the night. You’ll be free to enjoy the party without fear that your foundation and mascara are half way down your face.


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