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Spring Break Packing List

Before you jet off to your fabulous spring break destinations, make sure you have these items in your bag! Check this list and you’ll be set for days on the beach and nights out!

Sunscreen and After Sun Lotion

Protect yourself in the sun with SPF 30, then make your tan last with an after sun lotion – this one smells like coconut and papaya!

Cute Sunglasses

Sunny days require a pair of stylish shades!

Swim Suits

It’s best to bring three bathing suits to make sure they have time to dry. Check out these runway swimsuits for inspiration!

Flowy Skirt

Skirts are both stylish and comfortable, and can be used day and night! Wear it over your bikini as a cover up, out at dinner, or even the club. Save room in your suitcase with versatile clothing.

Disposable Camera

Don’t risk dropping your phone in the water while on Spring Break. Instead, pick up a cheap disposable camera that’s waterproof so you can take all the fun pictures you want!

Frizz Serum

Days on the salty beach or in a chlorinated pool can leave your hair lacking luster and shine. Make sure to grab a frizz serum that smoothes your hair and gives it moisture.

Wedge Heels

Wedges are perfect for spring break! They are comfier than heels and will help your feet last the week of nights out dancing.

Party Dress

Make sure to bring plenty of night outfits, especially a fun party dress! If you don’t have a washing machine where you’re going, pack enough options so you don’t have to wear anything twice.


For headaches, body aches, and hangovers – this is a definite must have for spring break.


Don’t forget to bring this if you are going out of the country!

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