Spotlight: Ashley Lewis

Name: Ashley Lewis

Age: 20

Hometown: Maple Valley, WA

Year: Junior

Major: Communications


HC: So what is Jamberry?

AL: Jamberry is a fresh, daring, and current take on healthy beauty. The product that Jamberry is most known for are our vinyl nail wraps that you apply to your nail with heat and pressure. They last on fingernails for weeks and even longer on toenails. Jamberry is also a direct sales company, meaning they empower people like you and I to own our own business and make an income on products we love, rather than paying a store to carry their products.


HC: What made you want to start selling this product?

AL: I’ve been using Jamberry products for around two years now. Before I started using Jamberry, I would pick at my cuticles and my fingers were always bleeding. When my nails had a wrap on them it made me want my nail bed to look good too, and products like the Cuticle Oil Pen and Nourish Lotion helped me achieve that. I also found Jamberry products to be cheaper than going to the salon and paying for a manicure, and there are so many more designs and options! I wanted to bring Jamberry to Bryant and show students that there is another option instead of going to the salon and just how fun Jamberry can be!


HC: Do you use Jamberry for your own nails? What’s your favorite look?

AL: Since starting to use Jamberry two years ago, I have been hooked and never use any other products. My favorite looks always include a combination of an intricate design, a sparkle, and a coordinating lacquer.

HC: Why do you like Jamberry more than just painting your nails?

AL: I like that they give me the ability to have designs on my nails without having to be really good at nail art.


HC: How do you apply them?

AL: You apply our wraps with a little heat and a nail file. A sheet of wraps come pre-cut on a clear plastic sheet so that you can easily find the one that is the perfect size for your nail. After identifying which wrap is the correct size and my nails are clean, I pull it off the backing and set it on my nail. I use a heater to warm it up, then I press it down making sure it isn’t touching my skin. Once it is stuck to my nail like a sticker, I use a nail file to remove the leftovers on the ends of my nails and I’m done!


HC: How does the selling process work?

AL: Since Jamberry is a direct sales company, most sales go through an independent consultant. The website can direct you to a consultant in your area, or, if you know one already you can purchase products directly from them. I have my own website that my customers can order through at any time. I also carry a small amount of product to sell, or can place orders for my customers. We also offer the opportunity to earn your Jamberry for free by hosting parties with friends.


HC: Does Jamberry sell anything else besides nail wraps?

AL: While nail wraps are our best selling product and what we are mostly known for, we have a lot of other product lines as well. Much like the nail wraps we have skinnies. These last a shorter time (4-5 days) but are easier to apply and do not require heat. There are also gel and lacquer lines, the lacquer being very similar to the polish you would purchase at the store. Nail, hand and foot care, which includes application kits, lotions, oils, files, and cuticle care tools. Our newest line is the Jambeauty line. This launched in December with lip lacquers, matte liquid lipsticks that hydrate with seven different shades. In May, the next Jambeauty product line is launching. It is a hair care line including a hair oil, cleansing balm and a protein spray.


HC: Where can we look at or buy Jamberry products?

AL: Here is a catalog that is linked directly to my website.

Here is a look book that shows the exclusive products that are only available for a limited time.

You can click or tap the numbers under the picture, and it will take you straight to the item on my website.


If you are interested in buying any Jamberry products, you can check out Ashley's website!