Sorority Spotlight: Gabby Leitgeb

HerCampus: When did you join your sorority?

Gabby Leitgeb: I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha as a founding member in Spring of 2017.


HC: What made you want to become president of your sorority?

GL: I wanted to become president of ASA because it was just such a cool opportunity!  Our members are setting the foundation of this sorority on campus, and I felt that running for president would give me the chance to learn more about what it takes to start an organization.  I am truly grateful that I was elected president of our chapter, and I love that it is a leadership position where I learn something new every day.

HC: What's your favorite thing about your sorority?

GL: My favorite thing about ASA is the people.  All of us are very different people who each have various involvements on campus, but we are all connected through our sorority.  In such a short amount of time, we have developed strong relationships with each other and have started building our own community on campus.  I love that my sisters are caring, driven, and passionate.  They inspire me to be the best president and person that I can be.


HC: What is something you want to see change within Greek life?

GL: When I was younger, Greek life intimidated me.  I didn’t really understand what it meant to join a sorority until I was in one.  I would want to see the stigma of Greek life change.  It isn’t the stereotypical sorority and fraternity life you see when you’re younger; the Bryant Greek community includes strong, influential leaders, and that should be how we are represented. 


HC: Why do you think girls should go Greek at Bryant?

GL: I think girls should Go Greek at Bryant because it can be an experience that you never expected.  In high school, I did not picture myself joining a sorority, and here I am as the president of ASA.  It is an opportunity to find people with similar values as you.  Joining a sorority is a chance for you to escape your comfort zone, become a leader, and develop strong, lasting relationships.  Going Greek at Bryant will give you a community that has your back no matter what.