The "Snow" Must Go On- Thank You, Facilities!

Less than a month into the semester, Bryant has an unfortunate (depending on how you look at it) rate of one snow day per week.  Without the tireless work of Facilities Management, that rate would be much higher.  They have been working around the clock – literally – to keep campus as clear and safe as possible. 

Greg Gurney, Assistant Director of Facilities Management, said that he has never seen a winter at Bryant like this one.  The snow has fallen in historic proportions, and many are comparing it to the infamous Blizzard of ’78.  Regardless, Gurney says the Facilities crew has done an excellent job of relocating the snow.

Relocating snow has been one of the biggest issues for New England over the past three storms.  In fact, Boston is contemplating dumping snow into the harbor!  Bryant, on the other hand, has done a great job of keeping up with snow clearing and relocation.  Most of the snow from the parking lots has been moved to the lower rugby field and other athletic fields. 

Although Bryant students know how well Facilities takes care of campus in the winter, they don’t know the extent that the workers have to go to, to maintain campus.  The crew must show up before the storm to be safe, prepare their equipment, and wait it out.  Once the snow starts falling, it’s practically impossible to keep up with it, and takes about six to eight hours to clear campus after a storm. 

Workers stay for the entire duration of the storm which has been a DAY to a DAY AND A HALF lately!  According to Harry Ryan, Director of Facilities, the crew logged a total of 2,123 hours between the first two storms.  And you thought YOU had long hours!  Their first priority during the storms is to clear the main roads and the strip for emergency vehicles, but it’s not always easy.

“Our biggest challenge is to work safely around people,” said Greg Gurney.  Avoiding moving cars, but more importantly sledding students, can be difficult to do in the conditions. 

Currently, Facilities is sending out shovel teams to clear Bryant’s walkways of ice, slush, and snow.  They’ve also been putting sand down on the paths and bringing in special equipment to remove some of the snow on the car bumpers.

Although it’s doubtlessly been frustrating for them, Facilities has gone above and beyond to keep Bryant safe and clear.  They were honored in a ceremony last week, and deserve countless thanks from the faculty, staff, and students of Bryant University!  Her Campus sincerely thanks Facilities for their hard work and dedication to Bryant University!