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Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Nails

The Work Load

That moment when you have soooooooo much homework but you would rather be doing your nails. Sure, you have three group projects, five essays to write, and seven chapters to read but but there was this super cool nail design you saw earlier today on Instagram.

Do you think we can get credit for this astronomy homework if we paint a galaxy on our nails instead?

Things You Can’t Do With Wet Nails:

  • Hold a pencil
  • Insert an arm into a jacket sleeve
  • Effectively type
  • Go to sleep
  • Touch anything

We all know that feeling when you think your new mani is dry, but when you pick up a pen to start your homework you smudge all ten fingers, even the ones on your non-dominant hand.

You Only Have So Much Brain Power

At the start of day you promised yourself that if you could make it through that midterm, you will reward yourself by painting your nails. Because honestly, the chipped polish you’ve been staring at the whole week while you studied made you want to cry a little more each time you saw it. But when you finally sit down, you barely have the capacity to say your own name, let alone do anything inventive with your nails.

Dressing for the Occasion

You just finished that really fun, bright, amazing manicure; you’re convinced your nails have never looked so good. But then your roommate reminds you of the formal, business event you have. You look down at your nails and curse the day you ever decided to go to business school.

We're so sorry but no, neon green is not considered business professional.


Your room is already the size of a shoe box, but the room of a nail artist feels like it’s been downgraded to a tissue box. After putting away all the “necessities” like clothing and books, you need to find room for what really matters: your nail care products. Drawers are filled, you’ve got mugs and cups with dotting tools and nail files and even a separate bag that you keep on the top of your closet filled with the awkward miscellaneous must-haves that you can’t find a better home for. That one window and both your and your roommate's fans cannot handle the smell of remover and polish that perpetually fills the room.

You’re fine for now, but you know "enough" is never really enough. A true nail obsessed college student never knows when they’ve got everything they need; there will always be more.


But no matter how much of a struggle doing your nails is, you’ll always find a way because there is no better feeling then a fresh pair of paws and claws!

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