Signs You're Graduating

You avoid the “what are you doing when you graduate” question at all family gatherings

You spend countless hours “job searching”, but really, you spend most of the time on Facebook 

…which leads to self-doubt about what you have to offer after these last four years.

You think about not getting a job and instead living at home to figure your life out

You don’t want to do any homework, but instead just sit around in your common room

Events that happened a month ago make you sad because you realize you won’t get to redo it again next year.

Senioritis is too real

Looking at Halloween photos throughout college make you realize you probably won’t get a chance to dress like that ever again

Drinking becomes a valid act since you justify it with the idea that next year you’ll be waking up and heading to work

Excuses to drink become easier and easier to find: “Cmon, it’s the last third Thursday of the 3rd month of your senior year ever!!!”

Sworn enemies dissolve and become friends

Your business formal wardrobe is slowly expanding (its very necessary)

You try not to think about not living with your best friends come graduation

You realize it’s going to be OK because you’ve learned so much and have met great people.