SIE Travelers

SIE, which stands for Sophomore International Experience, is one of Bryant's best "study abroad" programs.  "Study abroad" is put in quotations because this is not a typical study abroad program.  First, you have to be a sophomore to participate.  Second, it is only for 10-12 days.  Why do students do it?  Because there are a handful of countries to choose from, you spend about two weeks with a group of your friends, and you receive academic credit.  Some do it to get used to "being out of the country" before they take on a full semester abroad their junior year, some do it because they know they won't be able to study abroad, and others do it because well why not?  Two girls in particular, Alli and Montanna, traveled throughout China and Singapore/Malaysia and came home with more than they could have possibly ever imagined.  Let's find out why they loved it so much!

Name:  Allison McCluskey

Hometown:  Agawam, Massachusetts

Major/Minor:  Marketing/Communications

SIE Destination:  Singapore and Malaysia

Favorite Part Of Trip:  I loved Singapore because it was unlike anywhere I have ever been before but there were a number of experiences in Malaysia that were so cool.  From feeding wild monkeys to seeing the amazing architecture and landmarks, this was an unforgettable experience.


Name: Montanna Colburn

Hometown: Cromwell, CT

SIE Desitination: China

Favorite Part of The Trip: I loved the people I was with and the scenery we saw-it was definitely a unique experience!