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Sh*t I Think About on my Way to Class

Compiling a list of thoughts that students think about on their way to class was easy.  Trying to compile them all together without laughing was hard.  What do you think about on your way to class?  White jeans come AFTER memorial day….Did I brush my teeth?…Crap, does he remember me?….​and Praying my professor doesn’t show up…are just a few thoughts college girls have on their way to class.  Did we leave any out?  Comment below and let us know about the sh*t you think about on your way to class!

Jessica is a senior at Bryant University where she is majoring in management and double minoring in marketing and communication.  She holds the position as Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus Bryant and was actually one of the first founding members!  Beyond Her Campus Bryant, she is the Vice President of the Bryant Marketing Association and a MyPath Mentor.  She loves working at the Amica Center for Career Education where she manages their marketing and social media efforts but also enjoys her time at the Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership and the school's bookstore. When at home in Connecticut, she loves to watch movies with her family, play with her dog, have bonfires with friends, sleepovers with her sister, and scrapbook! Jessica aspires to one day manage her own department of a fortune 500 company, or even run her own company with a little bit of writing on the side!  Upon graduating this coming May, she will jump-start her career at EMC as a Marketing Development Associate in the Marketing Development Program.
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