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The Sherpa Jacket Trend: Where to Find Yours

It’s the trend we have all seen, everywhere we look. Where can you get your own cozy sherpa jacket?


We own this one ourselves and we do not regret it. To make it even better, Aerie is having a sale on them right now (only $30)! These pullovers are such high quality, don’t shed too much on your leggings, and have the fuzzy fleece lining on the inside, too! These are PERFECT for the cold weather! This is our top recommendation.



Amazon has so many choices, but the “Best Seller” and “Amazon’s Choice” are our favorites to choose from. Unlike the sherpas from Aerie, these are zip-ups. These are more jacket-like versus sweatshirt-like, so they’re super cozy and cute when you go out!



Pacsun offers the traditional Sherpa and also more unique styles. These are also zip-ups and are a favorite!



Express offers the best styles of sherpas we can find! There are zip-ups and quarter zips in a more unique style. These are definitely worth a look!


Urban Outfitters 

Although more expensive, Urban has the biggest array of sherpa styles. Between zip-ups, hoodies, cardigan-style and the list goes on. Buy one of these and you’re set for the year!

We hope we provided some useful sites to search for your next sherpa!




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