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Secrets to Getting Rid of Your Sunburn

The mountains of snow this winter really ruined any chance of seeing sunshine before spring break.  For those of you that didn’t have a base tan going into your spring break trip and are now feeling the pain of the season’s first sunburn, here’s a few tips for you to recover from it quickly:

1.       Take a washcloth dampened with cool water and place it over your burnt area.  For a little extra kick it helps to put the cloth in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes!  This will help reduce the heat coming from your sunburn, so replace the cloth with another cold one or put it in the fridge for a few more minutes when it feels warm.  This can also work using a cold compress with milk.

2.       Cold showers will help restore your skin and get rid of burns quickly!  Also try drinking more cold water to hydrate your body and keep its temperature low and help reduce the burns.

3.       Although there isn’t a lot of research behind why this helps, people swear by using vinegar to help heal sunburns.  Unfiltered apple cider vinegar works best and it can be applied by spraying it on or dabbing with cotton balls.

4.       For face burns, using plain yogurt can help heal your pain.  It’s loaded with probiotics and enzymes that will heal your skin, so apply cool yogurt and let it sit for at least five minutes before rinsing off.

5.       Lastly, for quick pain relief cucumbers are your best weapon!  Just put the cooled cucumbers on your burnt skin and flip them to the other side when they warm up.  You can also put them in a blender and make a paste to put on your burn if that gives you more relief!

Hopefully these tips are effective in fixing your spring break burns and will have your skin looking tan in no time!

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