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Ryan Johnson

Name: Ryan Johnson

Graduation Year: 2018

Major/Minor: Communication and Management double major

Hometown: The Best Small Town in America 2003, Essex, CT

On-Campus Activities: Resident Assistant, Student Ambassador, WJMF, Student Manager and Editor for the Bryant University Audio/Visual Department,

Hidden Talents: I can juggle

Dream Job: A Youtuber, living in California

Interests: Photography, Videography

Describe yourself in three words: Big-hearted, genuine, driven

Celebrity Crush: Justin Bieber

Perfect Date: Nice dinner and star gazing

Pet Peeves: The word pet peeve, people who interrupt me mid sentence, chanting, and Irish step dancing

Bucket List: Travel the World, Become an Orientation Leader, Write a book that gets turned into a movie

Name of Your Autobiography: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Three Items You Would Bring on A Desert Island: A friend, my camera, my puppy

Favorite Thing about Bryant: The people

Favorite Place in the World: Sugarloaf Mountain

Favorite Song: Feel Again and Dog Days by Mike Tompkins on Sound Cloud

Favorite Movie: Death Proof/ The Breakfast Club

Favorite Food: French Fries, Pizza, and Mozzarella Sticks, it is like choosing a favorite child. You just can’t.

Fun Fact: I've won a spelling bee

If You Were an Animal What Would You Be: a bear

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