Name: Ben Potter

Major: Politics and Law

Hometown: Lincoln, RI

Graduation Year: 2014


Name: Terrence Reedy

Major: Finance

Hometown: Wilton, CT

Graduation Year: 2014


Name: Trevor D. Heller

Major: Global Supply Chain Management

Hometown: Naugatuck, CT

Graduation Year: 2014

HC: What is your favorite aspect about being a student at Bryant University?

BP: Definitely the solid sense of community that we have here. Especially in light of the Boston Marathon bombings, it’s cool to see everyone stand together.

TR: My favorite part of Bryant has to be the friends I have developed here over the years.

TH: My favorite aspect about Bryant is the people. Not every school has such a highly motivated community with the ability to achieve greatness.  We also have a friendly environment which enables learning and relationships in and outside the classroom.


HC Bryant: Why did you join ROTC? Do you like it? What is your favorite part? Least favorite part?

BP: Serving my country was something I always planned on doing. I looked at my options towards the end of high school and ROTC seemed to be the best route, given that I can get my degree and commission as an officer at the same time. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. My least favorite part is obviously waking up at the crack of dawn to work out. My favorite part is obviously getting to hang out with Reedy.

TR: When we were all kids, we all wanted to grow up to be something like a fireman or a rock star, I always wanted to be a soldier, I just never grew out of it.  It was just something I knew I was going to do.  My favorite part so far has been training and parachuting with the Spanish Army this past summer. My least favorite part is not being able to go out every Thursday I want..

TH: I joined Army ROTC because I want to give back to my country and live my life through the three words: Duty, Honor, and Country. To me, it is an honor to lead America’s sons and daughters into combat and bring them home safe. I absolutely love ROTC and the relationships I have made through it. Providence College ROTC is one of the best leadership programs in the country, which is my favorite part of ROTC. There’s nothing I dislike about ROTC, but waking up at 5AM three days a week does not get any easier.


HC Bryant: Besides ROTC, what other activities do you take part of?

BP: I’m a lacrosse coach at Lincoln High School. I mostly handle strength and conditioning, given that I never actually played lacrosse. Other than that, I’m just big into exercising, drinking good whiskey, and watching the occasional RomCom (romantic comedy) with Reedy (his favorite is “No Strings Attached”).  

TR: I love to parachute. I am also a part of the wrestling club and enjoy the outdoors, especially fishing.  I keep my boat here on campus and fish multiple lakes and reservoirs in the area.

TH: Besides ROTC I am a member of the Bryant Swim Team and President of the Bryant Triathlon Club. I like to get involved and stay busy so I don’t sleep all the time.


HC Bryant: If you could give advice to incoming ROTC students, what would it be?

BP: The best advice I could give anybody looking to join ROTC is to not be intimidated by it. Unless you swear in and commit to the army right away, like Heller, Reedy, and I did, the first two years of ROTC come without commitment. Get a feel for it and see if it’s the type of life you want to live. It’s not for everybody and that’s understandable.

TR: Incoming ROTC students should focus on their grades, especially in their underclassmen years.  Oddly enough GPA will play a role in their Army career.  

TH: My advice would be to have fun, that’s rule number one.


HC Bryant: What is something that most people do not know about you? Secret talents?

BP: Most people may not know that I’m a writer. I have been since I was young, and it’s always been something I’ve loved doing. I’ve written a lot of different things, but most recently I finished a screenplay and got it copyrighted by the Writers Guild of America. Now it’s just a matter of getting the movie made so I can make some money off my beautifully written words…

TR: Throughout my younger years, I had a giant afro. See photo below. Secret Talents? I cannot publicize secret talents at this time..

TH: I like to solve Rubik’s Cubes late at night on the weekends. It keeps my mind sharp.