A Robin Williams Movie for Every Mood

The recent news of Robin Williams death was not only shocking, but heartbreaking, to say the least. He was an actor who could not only make you laugh really, really hard, but he could also inspire you and even bring you to tears. Here is a list of some Robin Williams movies you should watch, based on the type of mood you’re in:

Have you been searching Pintrest all day looking for inspiring quotes that aren’t quite fulfilling your need for inspiration? – Watch Dead Poet’s Society.

Are you feeling in an adventurous mood but have nothing fun or exciting planned for the day? – Then Jumanji is the movie for you.

Feeling depressed about growing up and/or graduating in the Spring? –  Hook will make you feel like you never have to grow up.

Did you just have a really bad day and need to laugh until you cry? – Watching Mrs. Doubtfire will surely brighten your day.

Do you miss your family and how goofy your dad acts on family vacations? – Then RV will help you get over that homesick feeling.


Sometimes, everyone needs a good cry. In this case, Good Will Hunting can get the tears rolling for you for that good cry you’ve been needing.

Wishing you could just be a kid again? Or maybe just a trip to Disney World? – Aladdin will give you that nostalgic childhood feeling.