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Reasons Why New England is the BEST Place in the Fall

1. The leaves and foliage 

Our leaves are breathtakingly beautiful; and people come far and wide just to peep them! 

2. The Big E 

Food, food, and more food! 

3. The temperature

The temperature is the best because it isn’t Satan’s den, nor is it Antarctica. It’s the perfect mix between hot and cold.

4. Hats, scarves, hoodies, and boots

Fall fashion is the absolute BEST. 

5. Apple picking and apple treats

Nothing beats going apple picking and then enjoying all the yummy treats that can be made with apples! Apple pie, apple crisp, apple donuts, apple cider, and so much more!

6. Pumpkin carving

Who doesn’t love pumpkin guts?! 

7. Pie 

Pecan, apple, pumpkin, chocolate cream, coconut…

8. Brisk walks 

And the crunching of the leaves beneath your feet

9. Holidays 

Halloween and Thanksgiving are the absolute BEST in New England because everyone is just as excited as you are. From corn mazes, to haunted houses, to hay rides, New England cheer is at a peak during the fall holidays!

10. Hot beverages 

Although New Englanders are notorious for drinking iced coffee at all times of the year, it is refreshing to be able to bring hot cocoa, hot coffee, and hot cider into the mix!

11. Football 

Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes New Englanders happier than watching the Patriots play football.

12. Turkeys and deer 

Usually spotted running away from hunters, the wildlife that comes out in New England during the fall is simply spectacular.



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