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Rallying for Friday Morning Classes

It’s been a long week and all you have been waiting for is Thursday… It’s technically the weekend right?

You’re ready for a night out with all of your girls to forget the troubles of classes this week

But as always, everyone gets a little drunker than they had intended and thinks they look a lot hotter than they actually do when they’re dancing on the bar.

But then Friday morning rolls around and you wake up wondering what happened to you last night

Then your roommate tells you everything you did…

Learning this makes it tempting to hide in your bed all day, but you have classes to attend

So your first step of rallying for classes is to chug a bottle of water (or two)

And take a nice cold shower to rinse off the regret of the night before

Then when the room is still spinning and you can’t stand on one leg long enough to put on your comfiest pair of sweat pants, you decide to take a shot because otherwise you aren’t going to make it through class

You make a quick stop at the dining hall for coffee and a bagel, but once you’re there the sight of food is enough to make you vomit…

And on the way to class you stare at the ground as you pass the boy you were dancing with at the bar last night…

Once you sit down in class, you know your professors are absolutely judging you as you struggle to stay awake and not vomit…

So you try to answer a question to redeem yourself but just end up looking like an idiot

All you can think about in every class is how comfy your bed is and how great the nap you’re going to take when you get back to your dorm is going to be

Then your last class of the day FINALLY ends, and there is not a single thing that can get in the way of you and the nap you’re about to take

Give yourself a pat on the back for surviving yet another hung over Friday of classes

Because next Thursday night you and your friends will be back at it again

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