Quick Ideas for People Who Forgot About Mother's Day

Mother's Day is rapidly approaching, and we're STRESSED.  Between being broke AF and busy with finishing the semester, getting mom the perfect gift sounds daunting.  Here are some last minute tips to make this holiday special. 

1. Books

Always see her reading?  Pick up a book you think she'll love, or even just a gift card so she can pick some out herself.

2. Flowers

This is perfect if you can't make it home for the holiday, because they can be delivered directly to her doorstep.

3. Cook her dinner

It doesn't have to be extravagent.  Show her that all her home-cooked meals over the years have taught you something.

4. Summer essentials

Everyone get excited for warm weather.  Think of how your mom spends her lazy summer days (by the pool, at the beach, gardening, outdoor activities) and bundle together a few gifts accordingly.  

5. Spa day

Take her out to get a mani/pedi!  The best gift is spending time together.

6. Kind words

Whatever you do, make sure to tell her you love and appreciate her.  Moms are serious when they say they just want a nice card and a hug.  Something like this What I Love About my Mom book will be heartwarming to fill out and she will cherish it forever.