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Quick & Easy Hair Ideas for Class

This fall season, the easy DIY hair idea is all about the braid! Well accesseries too of course!  We compiled some of HC Bryant’s favorite looks with some of this seasons top hair trends.  As college students, we all know what a pain in the neck it is to look good for class everyday, and if there is an easy way out, we want to know about it!  Here at the top 5 super fast and easy DIY hair ideas for the tired/ in a rush/ everyday college student. 

1. Headbands

These are probably the easiest go-to for that morning bed head.  If you’re short on time and need the easiest fix, take a bold patterned headband to make even the most basic yogas and white tee look fab.  This also immediatly tames that unruly bed head and looks super cute.  


2. The Sleep-In French

Start by simply french braiding your hair before you go to sleep, mid top of the scalp to the bottom.  If your hair doesnt take to styling well, add some gel or mousse to your hair pre-braid. Sleep in the braid, taking your flat iron to the bottom half in the morning, running it through a few times to set the curls, and take away any frizz from sleeping.  Then simply run your fingers through the braid to let your hair loose and voila! Perfect waves.


3. The Half & Half

Start this look by doing a loose, side frech braid or a regular braid, down one side of your hair, starting at the top of your scalp, ending right above the ear.  Pin to secure, and finish by pulling the remaining hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tye.  To make this look appear even more effortless, make the ponytail looser at the bottom and pull  a few loose strads out to frame your face.  A perfect. and super easy look to look cute in a short amount of time.  


4. The Classic Side- Braid

The signature look we all lusted after when LC on The Hills first sported this super cute do, is more popular than ever!  Take the top section of your hair (you can do whichever side you part it on, or do both halfs if you part it down the middle)  and braid the section down to above the ear, and secure with a bobby pin, or cute clip.  The best part about this look that it looks great with curly or straight hair, working for just about everyone! 


5. The Half-Up

We all love the creative ways to make easy up-do’s with our hair, and this half-up may be the easiest!!!  All you have to do is take the sections behind your ears and french twist (twist the first section. add second section and twist. Repeat).  Do this until you have reached the middle with both sections.  Mind you, it is much easier to do one side at a time, securing the first side with a pin when your all done.  Remember to pull out a few loose strands to frame your face, and spray with hairspray to hold all throughout the long day of classes! 

Images found from Pinterest.com

Devon is a senior at Bryant University.  As a Marketing and Communications major, Her Campus is everything that Devon loves. Her hometown of Rutland, Vermont is where she was born and raised.  She attended Philadelphia University for her freshmen year of college as a Fashion Industry Management major, but discovered her true passion was the business aspect of the fashio industry, leading her to transfer to a nationally ranked business school, Bryant University.  Devon is the co-president of the Her Campus chapter at Bryant and is also a Research Assistant in the school's Office of Planning and Institutional Research.  You will see Devon on campus organizing HC events, running around finishing projects, or hanging out with her friends.  Devon's passions include: writing, dance, the ocean, and spending time with the people she loves.  
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