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Professor Notarantonio

As our HerCampus Bryant faculty advisor, Professor Notarantonio seemed like a perfect pick for this week’s Campus Celebrity! As I am currently wrapping up my first (but hopefully not my last) Marketing class with Professor Notarantonio, I can say I would definitely recommend getting to know her!

Name: Elaine Notarantonio
Education: Ph.D.
What She is Doing Now: Professor of Marketing, Marketing Consultant

HC: What made you want to start teaching?
I was managing a family business and was invited to offer a seminar to a group of Vietnam Veterans who were enrolled in a program to gain skills for establishing their own business.   Sharing knowledge to help others succeed gave me a strong sense of purpose. 

HC: What is your favorite part about working at Bryant?  
Working with students.  The young adults here at Bryant are genuinely nice people…even when I’m having a bad day, going to class turns it around and energizes me.
HC: What do you like to do for fun?
Yoga..all kinds, Power, heated, restorative- whatever I need that day.  Being with my close friends… I grew up with my best friends, our families have become best friends so we do everything together – holidays, vacations & just hang out on weekends. My husband & I both turned 60 this year – and we have both come to the realization that life is too short to not have fun.
HC: Why did you choose to be the Her Campus Bryant faculty advisor? 
They chose me – that was an honor!

HC: What advice do you have for students?   
Same advice I give my own (young adult) children: “Don’t play movies in your head” – people avoid things (especially change) by playing out too many ‘what ifs’ & they seldom play out as you have created them in your mind.

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