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Preference Day as Described by Sorority Girls

Preference Day, better known as “Pref Day”, is the third and last day of formal recruitment. Sororities invite women back to give them a better look into what a sisterhood really is. Many describe it as “the day where we show you why you want us”, as compared to the first two days where they want to get to know you. It’s a very special ceremony, and if you’re lucky enough to be invited back this year, the Panhellenic women hope you see it that way, too.

Each sorority has a different ritual, and you’re not really supposed to share what goes on in one room with other people. The girls normally wear around the same attire, a specific colored dress with a specific colored shoe. They always wear their badges, and each room is decorated differently to fit the ceremony. This is because their national headquarters outlines strict rules that the girls have to follow, so don’t think that Bryant’s chapters are doing it for fun, every sorority woman goes through this ritual. This is to relay that a sorority is a historic sisterhood, not just partying like TV shows and movies will have you believe.

We’ve asked girls from each of Bryant’s sororities about their opinions on Preference Day from the recruitment side, so you’ll know why each chapter treats it so specially.


 “Pref Day is something you never may ever fully understand until you’re on the other side of it. It’s your first real taste of sisterhood and family.”Delta Zeta


“I would describe it as PNMs getting to view each sorority in a different light, whether it’s learning about the different philanthropies, or listening to sister’s personal stories about how Greek life has impacted their time at Bryant. It’s a super exciting time being on the other side of recruitment, and it’s awesome to be able to open up to so many new girls and knowing that’s just the beginning of long lasting friendships, no matter what sorority a girl joins!Sigma Sigma Sigma (pictured below)


“Pref is my favorite day and was the reason I knew AOII was for me. We open up to the potential new members by showing them a part of our ritual and the values that we keep closest to our hearts. Pref is when a chapter is at their most vulnerable, which can get emotional, and one of the only times we can fully connect with a PNM.“ Alpha Omicron Pi


“From our perspective it’s so exciting getting new girls and we often are so filled with pride to be a part of our sorority, and at the thought of the girls in the room possibly joining. It’s emotional and rewarding for us! –Delta Zeta (pictured below)



“I’d describe Pref Day as a glimpse into our ritual ceremonies. Often, sisters take this time to explain why our sisterhood has made an impact on them. Overall, it’s purpose is to help PNMs get a deeper understanding of each sisterhood and what membership in that sorority means to its members.”Sigma Sigma Sigma


“It’s kind of creepy and uncomfortable but weirdly welcoming. It’s cool that they’re willing to share that part of their sisterhood with you before you even join.” Delta Zeta


“For the sororities, this is the final time we get to see and talk to all the amazing girls that we met during the weekend before Bid Day. In this round, we really want the girls going through recruitment to understand our values and why they should want to join our chapter. Preference Day goes a little bit deeper into who each chapter is in hopes that you will be able to find your home on Bid Day.”Alpha Omicron Pi (pictured below)


This will be Alpha Sigma Alpha’s (pictured below) first year participating in Formal Recruitment officially. They are all very excited to share their rituals with the new girls going through recruitment this year. The other sororities on campus are thrilled to welcome the new sisterhood as well as the women who want to join the Panhellenic community.


We hope that everyone else is as passionate as we are, and are looking forward to the 2018 Formal Recruitment!

Sign up for Formal Recruitment with the link below:




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