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The Power Couple – Devon Correll and Jessica Kline

Running a student organization isn’t easy at Bryant. But when it’s Her Campus, the number one online magazine for college women, it’s an even tougher task! That’s why all the HC Bryant staff is so glad to have two wonder women leading the way! Co-Presidents and Campus Correspondents Jessica Kline and Devon Correll have taken the responsibility of running the chapter this year in stride and doing an amazing job of it, even before school begins! Aside from maintaining stellar grades and being involved in other clubs, these girls pour their hearts into Her Campus. Our founders, staff, and myself could not be happier seeing these young women take such a new club and shape it into something even more amazing. Thanks to this power couple, this year is going to be the year of Her Campus Bryant! Watch out for us all over campus, because we’re here to stay!

Name: Devon Correll
Bryant Graduation Year: 2014
Major/Minor: Marketing / Communications
Hometown: Rutland, VT

Name: Jessica Kline
Bryant Graduation Year: 2014
Major/Minor: Marketing & Management / Communications
Hometown: Milford, CT

HC: How did you get involved with Her Campus Bryant?

DC: It started when I transferred to Bryant in January 2012, and was interviewing for a job in the Office of Planning and Institutional Research. It was there when I was introduced to the HC Bryant founders, Makena Sage and Hillary Coombs, who also worked for the office. I instantly connected with them, and when they informed me about the new club on campus, I was intrigued and knew I just had to be a part of it! Working with them inspired me to join.

JK: I have actually been involved since the beginning! Hillary (one of the co-founders) messaged me over winter break last year and told me how much she loved my blog and how she wants me to write for Her Campus Bryant. Long story short, I brought more than writing to the table so here I am – Co-president!

HC: Tell me a little about a day in the life of a Campus Correspondent.

DC: Well, having a smart phone is a necessity because from the minute I wake up, I have a dozen new emails from Nationals, the HC Bryant Elective Board or SPAC (Student President Advisory Council). Throughout the day I constantly relate daily life to new article ideas, new people I meet, to future campus cuties and celebs, and anything going on around campus to a possible news story or event article. It’s a non-stop job, but as they say, “if you love what you’re doing, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

JK: Ahhh the day in the life of a campus correspondent…emails, emails, and emails. I am constantly going back and forth with headquarters, Bryant administration, and our team members through email. My phone is never more than ten feet away from me for that exact reason. I don’t think people realize how much work actually goes into this role!

HC: What is the most difficult part of your jobs as presidents and CCs?

DC: The most difficult part is being 10 steps ahead of everyone else. HC Bryant is one of the top 12 chapters in the US and we didn’t get here just by doing what every other chapter is doing. We have to think ahead and be on top of our game to stay on top. Organization is so important, and communication between Jessica, our E-Board and myself is key.

JK: I would have to say the most difficult job would be having to tell your friends (the HC Bryant team) when they aren’t exactly doing their own job. It’s hard having a line between business and social life but it has to be there to make your business such a success. And plus, in the long run a friend is a friend and if they are true, they’ll always be there.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Her Campus?

DC: This is the question that always gets me because I don’t have a straight answer! I love EVERYTHING about Her Campus. It’s literally a dream come true for me, and I could never imagine heading up a better club on campus. HC Bryant is everything empowering to women, and our chapter proves that especially taking the lead amongst all other chapters in America.

JK: Do I really have to just say one thing? I guess I’d have to say how much it has empowered me to be confident, driven, and successful.

HC: Do either of your areas of study here at Bryant relate to what you do for HC?

DC: HC couldn’t relate better to my major and minor! I’m a marketing major and a communication minor. HC incorporates both into their website and is giving me the hands on experience I need for future careers. I’m able to benefit from HC due to the fact it allows me to incorporate everything I learn in my classes.

JK: I’m double majoring in marketing and management with a minor in communication…in other words, YES. The marketing pops out with all of our events and social networks, the management shows through with my role as co-president and campus correspondent, and the communication flourishes through all of the writing and relationships.

HC: Who is your biggest inspiration?

DC: My biggest inspiration is one of the HC Bryant founders, Makena Sage. Meeting Makena back in January, when I first transferred to Bryant, I couldn’t have found a better role model to look up too. She is wonder woman, literally! Makena is the most driven and well respected alums to have graduated from Bryant and I am honored to be following in her foot steps and taking care of her baby, HC Bryant!

JK: I’d say my biggest inspiration is the three founders – Stephanie, Annie, and Windsor. They started this as something very similar to Bryant’s Business101 project. They brought an idea to the table, competed, and ran with it…and this is just the beginning. Seeing their success definitely makes me finish everything I do for HC (stressful or not) with a huge smile.

HC: Okay, last question! Any advice for girls looking to take on big leadership roles like yours?

DC: Always be a step ahead of everyone else. Be the one to create the ideas, to lead your peers and to make a difference. Also, be organized! This is key to any leadership role. As long as you’re thinking ahead, and organized, a leadership role will be no problem.

JK: My only advice would be if there is any sort of leadership role in front of your face, do not let it pass you by. Leadership will take you so much further than you can possibly imagine! Grab every opportunity given to you with your head held high!


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