Plans For The Hochberg Women's Center

In the past few weeks Bryant has made it much more clear what the plans for the Hochberg Women’s Center are. The school sent out a “Bryant Alert” email during the summer, on August 14th, and in case you missed that, here is the plan: 

                “…. Kristin Biggins, our Director of Residence Education, has agreed to serve as the Interim Director of the Hochberg Women’s Center, on a part-time basis. Kristin brings her extensive background and training in equity Issues and knowledge of Bryant to the Center for Diversity and Inclusion team. She will serve as a bridge, providing Dr. Kue time to get her feet on the ground and gain an understanding of the long-term needs of those served by the Hochberg Women’s Center. It is anticipated that a search for a full time appointment will commence during the second half of the Fall semester.”

The search for a new Director of the Hochberg Women’s Center is beginning within the next few weeks.  In addition, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion will be taking part in Safety Week.  Bryant will be putting on a Safety Week that will include important programs and events during the first week of November.  The week will focus on educating students and bringing awareness to issues such as sexual assault, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as personal safety, and keeping your rooms and personal belonging safe. Make sure to look out for these important programs and events!

If you are interested in aiding the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and administrators in their search for a new director who will be the best fit for Bryant University, reach out to Her Campus members or anyone who works in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.  Dr. Mailee Kue is the new Director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and she is looking forward to getting to know the students at Bryant and help make this community even better.



Bryant Alert Email

Meeting with Dr. Mailee Kue