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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Group messages, can’t live with them and can’t live without them. They are exciting and they are terrible. We know all of you can relate to the phases of being in a group message:

Phase 1: The beginning of the GM* (*that means group message in tech talk)

OMG! This is so exciting! A bunch of new friends and you have created what it seems like will be one of the most fun conversations ever. You make up cute names to label your message and talk about rainbows and butterflies. The world is at peace.

Phase 2: Roles are revealed

Now that you have been in the GM for as little as a week, you begin to recognize who is who in the message.

-You’ve got the one who writes about everything, down to the last time she used the bathroom.

-The one who won’t write a word but reads every single text.

-The one that always wants to hangout.

-The one that loves to gossip and send screenshots.

-and so on and so forth…

Phase 3: Sh*t hits the fan

How long did you really expect a group of girls communicating 24/7 to last? It was bound to happen: someone called someone out, or said something someone disagreed with, and that results in what seems like World War III.

Phase 4: Someone gets kicked out of the message, or leaves

Eventually, one of the members of the message is so mad or fed up that they choose to leave the message… or they just end up getting kicked out and left out of the new GM made.

Phase 5: A couple of days later and the message starts again back at Phase 1

…that’s girls for you.