Perfect Comfort Foods for Valentine's Day

February 14th is right around the corner. A Wednesday this year if we might add. A day in the middle of the week to remind us single girls again just how single we really are. While all of your friends are out on the town, on a cute dinner, and instagramming their “bae”, you’ll be at home scrolling through social media, liking their posts with a glass of wine in one hand, and the other digging into some real tasty food. Here is a list of the best comfort foods to cuddle up next to this Valentine’s day:


Mac & Cheese- All that cheesy goodness - no man could ever make you feel as good as cheesy mac and cheese can. Need we say more?

Pizza- This is a no brainer. Pizza is always a good answer, but just make sure when you’re calling your favorite pizza place you ask for a circle and NOT heart shaped. You don’t need to be reminded that it is Valentine’s day any more than you already know.

Chocolate covered strawberries- Who says that chocolate covered strawberries need to be romantic? It is the perfect taste combination of healthy and cheat day. This Valentine’s staple food item is good for all people, all ages, single, taken, divorced etc.

Chinese food- Takeout food is always a good answer. You don’t have to cook and you will have leftovers for a few days - especially Chinese food. It’s quick, tasty, and you can order as much ( you and a group of single friends), or as little (just for you) as you want.

Ice cream- It doesn’t matter how cold it is or that it is in the middle of winter, ice cream can almost always solve your problems. If not, add sprinkles.

Wine- You can always double fist! Forget the food, remember the liquid!

Taken or single, Her Campus Bryant wishes everyone a happy Valentine's Day!