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Pam and Jim: Our Favorite Love Story

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, some of us collegiettes are feeling a tad more romantic than usual.  We find ourselves living vicariously through our favorite couples with hopes that one day, we too will find great loves. And whose love is more epic than Pam and Jim’s?!  It is so simple, realistic, and strengthens our hope that real love exists.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, we have decided to reminisce on one of our favorite love stories. 

Jim and Pam started off like so many others- as good friends.  As we know, they say friendship is a great foundation to any relationship.

It was easy to see that Pam meant a little more than a friend to Jim, but unfortunately he was stuck in the friend zone.

It didn’t take long for Jim’s crush to be something more. 

Roy made Jim’s feelings difficult for Pam, but that’s how we knew they were real.

Eventually Jim couldn’t hold it in any longer! He had to tell Pam how he felt.

And then finally- the moment we had all been waiting for since episode one of the first season!

Pam! Jim > Roy.  Why are you letting Jim move away…

Ah fate! (And good writing!) Jim is back where he belongs: Scranton.  But he’s not the only one…

Don’t worry Pam… we know who Jim actually loves.

And sorry Karen it’s not you!!!!

Timing is always the worst in relationships, especially for the young Jim and Pam.  Could things finally be turning around?


And it’s not long before the office finds out.

Long distance you say? That’s nothing for Jim and Pam.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  It also makes for an incredible proposal.  It was simple, unexpected, and made us cry.

So did Pam’s pregnancy!  How could we not after Jim’s reaction?!

Cue more tears for the wedding!

Could Jim be more perfect?!

Their wedding was actually pretty epic.  How could we expect anything less?

Everyone deserves to find the Pam to their Jim.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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