Paden Sadler

Name: Paden Sadler

Year: 2014


HC: We know you are super involved on Bryant’s campus. Can you tell us about what organizations you are a part of? Any positions you hold?

PS: I am currently involved in two organizations on campus; the Student Senate, and the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  The Student Senate is a bridge between the student body and Bryant administration, faculty.  The Senate also is in charge of dispersing Student Involvement Fee money through the Ways and Means committee to clubs and organizations.  This year I am the President of the Student Senate so I especially am a direct link between students and administration.

Another organization I am involved in is the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  Sigma Chi is a fraternity of men who have come together in the spirit of ritual and brotherhood to better themselves in their own vision and to become leaders in our community.  This year I am the Brotherhood chair so I organize events geared toward strengthening the unity and camaraderie among the brothers.


HC: What is your favorite part about Bryant? How has becoming involved shape your time here?

PS: My favorite part of Bryant is without a doubt the atmosphere and the community feel that Bryant has, and by becoming involved on campus I have been much more aware of what goes on in our community.  Becoming involved in the Bryant community has kept me BUSY, but has helped to become connected with more things that are going on here.  Whether something has to do with clubs and organizations, games, policies, large campus events, etc., I have been able to be apart of them in some way which is so important to me.  I’ve been able to see so much in my time here at Bryant, and it has shaped me and helped me to grow into the person I am today; I owe all of that personal development to my time here on campus.


HC: What is some advice you would give to our new first year students?

PS: To become involved in as much as you can.  I love Bryant so much and that is due to involving myself in Student Senate and Sigma Chi.  Being able to be apart of something bigger than yourself is truly a rewarding experience and I urge all of you to try and branch out into new things in order to grow as a person.  Breaking out of your comfort zone and doing more than you thought you would is truly rewarding and I urge all of you to do it.  


HC: Senior year is here, unfortunately. What are your thoughts about your future? Do you have any goals or plans? Where do you see yourself in five years?

PS: I think my future has a change of major in store for it … Kidding.  My goal is to get into advertising after I graduate, as for the logistics of that I am very unsure; not really sure where I’ll be or how I’ll get there but I can’t wait for the journey.  My hope for five years from now is to be able to look back on the past five of my life and be proud of the things I have accomplished and to be in pursuit great success.


HC: What is something that most people don’t know about you? Any secret talents? Fun facts?

PS: I guess something not a lot of people know about me is that I am very outdoorsy.  I love camping, fishing, boating, sailing, archery, anything that I can be doing outside I enjoy.  Also I am a huge car and movie buff, and I enjoy playing soccer and golf as well.