Obscure Christmas Gifts That We Actually Kind of Want

The older you get, the more basic the gifts you want are. Instead of asking for things you want, you end up asking for things you need but don't want to spend money on if you don't have to (every college kid's struggle). However, if you have the chance to branch out this Christmas and ask for something totally awesome, versus the trending Patagonia zip-up or Fenty Beauty makeup kit, we've got you covered.


Roku Express+ Streaming Stick - $25

This little nifty gadget turns your TV into basically all you have ever wanted in life. It brings Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and ANY other cable channel you have ever wanted right to one place. It's extremely easy to set up, and is without a doubt a college (maybe even a LIFE) necessity. 


Tile Pro - $35

The Tile Pro is a little square device you can attach to almost any object (usually something you lose quite often), and when you do lose it next, the Tile Pro will be able to track down your lost item through a Bluetooth connection! All you have to do is download an app, and you will be able to find exactly where you left your car keys. Have you ever heard of anything so amazing? It's truly a no-brainer. 


Peppermint Tube - $31

This one goes out to the avid Instagramers.The inflatable flamingo and swan was SO last year. Spice up (literally) this summer's floaty photos with an inflatable Peppermint candy!


Le Chateau Wine Decanter - $38

Make even your cheapest boxed wine look more appealing at your next wine/girl's night or cheese party! You'll have everyone fooled.


Magic Bullet Express Mixing Set - $70

These little blenders are AMAZING. If you're someone who appreciates a good smoothie, or like to have a nice protein shake on the daily, it's a great idea to ask for one of these bad boys. They're also perfect for dorm-style living!


Treat Tossing Furbo Dog Camera - $169

Although sort of pricey, this is probably the best invention EVER. This allows you to talk to your dog and even give them a treat while you're not around. It works through an app, and we're not sure if we've ever heard anything so amazing. It's basically the only college necessity anyone will ever need.


Belgian Style Waffle Maker - $24

Don't feel like leaving your bed to get breakfast? Have no fear, the Belgian Style Waffle Maker is here! It is so compact and perfect for a lazy college student lifestyle. Also, the pockets are deep enough for all the butter and maple syrup goodness you could ever want.


What Do You Meme? - $30

This game was invented for college kids. It's basically a Meme version of Cards Against Humanity - what else could we ask for? Be the hero at your next pregame, or this could even make you the hero of the real party itself.


Long Distance Touch Lamp - $170 (for the pair)

If you're someone with a significant other or have someone very close to your heart who you aren't around often, this may be just the perfect gift. It's such a cute idea, and we absolutely love it. All you have to do is touch the lamp, and the other person's lamp will begin to glow *holds back tears*.


Scratch Map - $24

Are you a frequent traveler? This is perfect for you! Just put this poster on your wall and scratch off everywhere you've been. It's a great conversation starter, and also an awesome reminder about your experiences around the globe.


Well, there you have it: our list of obscure, but AWESOME Christmas gifts to ask for this Christmas! We got all of these great ideas from BestProducts, and encourage you to check out their website for even more ideas!