No More See-Through Leggings Please!

We’ve all done it, worn those leggings when we knew we really shouldn’t.

Even Kim K has been known to go out with see through leggings, but that doesn’t mean we should follow this trend of hers. As much as we hate to say it, it’s time to throw out those questionable leggings that give everyone on campus a nice view of your underwear.

It’s hard to find leggings that don’t moon those around you when you bend over, and you may not even realize it. That’s why we are giving you a heads up now as you are switching out your shorts for your comfy leggings. As a rule of thumb, if you hold up your leggings and can see through them that means everyone else will be able to too! An alternative to the see through legging is a pair of skinny yoga pants, but for a good pair of staple black leggings go to Zara. They have plenty of leggings that are made out of thicker cotton that won’t show your butt! Trust us, they are well worth the investment and they will last longer than your Charlotte Russe leggings.

Zara $25.90

Zara $39.90

Zara $25.99